Best Of FAQs

How do we do it?

Each year, BSCENE magazine puts together the Best of BSCENE Readers' Choice survey to find out who's the best in the business in East Texas. Here's how it works; we come up with the categories, the survey is launched, readers vote, and businesses are encouraged to ask their loyal patrons to go online at BSCENEMAG.COM and vote for them. They can even share the poll on social media sites, as well as newsletters, to entice faithful followers to cast their vote. That's it ... super easy! 

How are the votes counted?

Thousands of votes are tallied electronically and automatically. We have no control over who receives votes or how many they get, so it is 100% up to our readers and your consumers!

Who chooses the winners?

Everyone! The winners are chosen completely by you, the voters. 

How are the categories chosen?

We seek out categories that most people clearly have a favorite in and if asked by an area newcomer who's the best "this or that", they proudly give their opinion (ALL of their opinion; the good, the bad, and the ugly) – products, people, goods and services that you would recommend to friends and family. We want to gather the collective wisdom of East Texans and present the BEST.  On a side note, if we missed a category that you think should be included, let us know. At the end of the survey there is a place for you to type in suggestions for new categories. No suggestion is a dumb suggestion, so suggest away ... unless of course it is actually a dumb suggestion, which in that case, keep it to yourself! We're kidding, we would love to know categories that you think should be included, so please let us know!

How can I get my business/product/service on this survey?

It's as simple as writing it into the correct and corresponding category as the "write-in" vote! Each category has clickable selections you can choose, but if your favorite choice for the category isn't listed, simply type it in the "write-in" blank, click submit, and it will count all the same. 

Do I have to advertise with BSCENE to win?

Ahhh ... you've heard that rumor? Yeah, we have too.  As much as we think our advertisers are the best, we are a minute percentage of the population of East Texas and unfortunately, our votes don't count. While many of our advertsiers have won in the past, the majority of the winners have never spent a dime with us, so it is time we put those ridiculous rumors to rest. ANYONE can win a Best of BSCENE Award, you simply have to accumulate the most votes in any given category. 

Can I purchase an award?

Nope, sorry. There are many surveys or award services that "love" to offer this option, however we do not. Everyone does NOT get a trophy in this contest. Sorry, you'll have to win it, fair and square (so go vote!). 

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