Why The Obsession With Jennifer Lawrence?


The question does spark a heated conversation. Jennifer Lawrence is the type of actress that one can either love or dislike, rarely are there any in between fans. There are the viewers who think that she is a one hit wonder kind of actress. On the other side, there are the fans who believe she is the best thing to happen to film. These fans are so obsessed that they have blogs dedicated to her, and Youtube videos in which they confess their love for her. It's like everyone is experiencing their high school crush all over again, except this time everybody's going for the same girl. Is the fan uprising from the last two years deserved? What do you think about Jennifer Lawrence?

There are many terms that people have constantly used to describe Lawrence. For example, she is the three s's, “stunning,” “seductive,” and “sultry.” There are a few actresses who fall under the same category, such as Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. What a coincidence, all Jennifers. But both Aniston and Lopez rarely receive acclaim for their acting abilities. It is more that we just love to see them on the screen because they're gorgeous women. Which leads me to speculate, if Lawrence is described and compared to the likes of Aniston and Lopez, is her look trumping her acting ability? Let's take a look back at when this obsession did begin. People started to pay attention to Lawrence after she landed the role of Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Because of the popularity of the book and the movie, Lawrence became a household name. Then Silver Linings Playbook was released and Lawrence received her first Oscar. Was this all lucky timing and were other actress' more deserving of these roles? If Lawrence is actually a good actress, we should be using terms as “talented” and “skilled” to describe her, instead of the three s's. But it is rare to find people who want to talk about Lawrence as an actress and more about Lawrence as a person.

If you take into consideration what the three s's mean and compare them to Lawrence, you'll see that most of the obsession is just over her look. All the fashion shows praise her and are interested in the way she presents herself with what she wears. Fans that are obsessed with Lawrence's look, believe that there is no one that looks like her. But what is it about her look that makes her so different? There are many actresses in Hollywood that look as great as her. Maybe it's more a personality obsession. Lawrence is one of the more genuine actresses in the business because she doesn't hide who she is. For example, in various interviews, people have found her to throw in weird faces during the conversations. Not many actors embarrass themselves in that way. If there was a reason to be obsessed with Lawrence's demeanor, it would be for the reason that Lawrence is one of the more down to Earth actresses. But again, we ask ourselves, what about her acting? Is she one of the better actors in Hollywood? People praise Lawrence for more of who she is rather than what she can do.

So, how long will this obsession last? Lawrence is at a point where she can be replaced by the next new actress. If she wants to be that actress that justifies the 2013 uprising of “the obsession of Jennifer Lawrence,” she will need to show us something new to her acting abilities.  


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