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2018 rolled in before I could even blink and I am left here wondering how a new year sneaked past my watchful eye. With the buzz of the holidays, it seems as if things start out slowly and then, like a roller coaster speeding down the tracks, the world turns quite again. But not here at BSCENE! There is not much quite time at the office but I look forward to the laughs and good times that frequent our little bubble in the work space. This past year, I am blessed by the new friendships made and am always at awe when I reflect on the stories we get to share with our readers. 2017 was truly filled with moments I look back upon and smile!

Most people have already mapped out their New Year Resolution and have begun the necessary steps to make 2018 the year of all years! Well, not me! I have never been much of a resolution type of gal but I do like the idea of a 2018 “buzzword”. The idea is that you decide upon a word you would like to define your year. Maybe I will chose the word “serenity”.  The definition is: ‘the quality or state of being calm and peaceful.” Too far of a reach? I think I will give “serenity” a try. Ask me again in a week or so! If you do chose the route of making a resolution, our article “Resolution Solution”, gives you helpful tips on keeping your resolution going throughout the year. 

What a better way to start of 2018 than a cover story about the enduring love and comfort found in the bonds of family? I have been acquaintances of the East Family for several years, through our childern going to school together, and am thrilled to be able to share a little bit of their story with our readers this issue. Kevin East said that “we serve a creative God” and what a true statement! The Easts are shining examples of the creativity God has in store for us. And can I just say that the family photo shoot was a sweet experience I will never forget!

Music seems to be in the soul of East Texas. We interviewed Reece Malone, child guitar prodigy, and found that passion and hard work are what make dreams a reality. In fact, many East Texas musicians have found their start at the Gladwater Opry, another interesting read about a small town keeping the music alive. 

As February looms in the distance, we are fast approaching Super Bowl time! Football fans out there are already preparing the football party of the year. We can help with “Stats & Snacks”. Surprising Super Bowl facts that make you say, “hmmm”, and yummy snacks are at the heart of this fun read. 

Get ready East Texas, 2018 is in full swing and I am ready for the ride (with “serenity” of course)! From our buzzing office to the home of our readers’: may your New Year be blessed as you delight in memorable moments found along the way. 


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