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It seems customary with the onset of a New Year to ponder what the future may hold as well as a review of the past and how we got to where we are now. For me, since 2018 will begin the fourteenth year of the “Man About Town” with BSCENE Magazine, I took a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Now, Thomas Wolfe was correct when he said, “You can never go home again,’ but it is worthwhile to “travel through home again.” Remembering where we came from, reflecting on our roots, helps keep in perspective where we are and where we might ought to be going. It was Wolfe who said, “To know nothing of the past is to know little of the present and we’ve no conception of the future.”

So, take a brief trip with me through thirteen yesterdays ago.

It was in the Fall of 2003 that Shawn Haney invited me to consider an idea he had for a new feature article for BSCENE. He was looking for a personality centered story about the people, places, and the parties in East Texas. It needed to be fun, entertaining, and interesting, he said. Reluctantly, I agreed to give it a shot. Since then, I have written 101 articles (only missed one issue in thirteen years). 

The first “Man About Town” appeared in the January/February issue of 2004. It was the 2003 Christmas party of a group of men, half of who were retired, and called themselves “The Happy Hour Group.” They met every Wednesday at Eagle’s Bluff Country Club and for some reason they adopted “The Man” as a regular. Paul Owen was Restaurant Manager and threw a whale of a party for us in the pool house. They grilled New York strips with all the trimmings, served beverages of choice, music, and all the Christmas decorations. We exchanged gifts, played poker, and had a hoot of a time. As I reviewed the article for this writing, it is with sorrow I noted that at least four of those good fellows have died.
Time marches on. 

Four years later, in 2008, it was “Villa Montez, A Never-to-Forget-Experience”. Carlos and Mumdo Villapudua were relatively new to Tyler and remodeled the former Mansion on the Hill to what is now one of the finest eateries in Tyler. “The Man” and Linda gathered up our dear friends, the Mullins, the Baileys, and the Massars, and had a hoot in the Villa Montez wine cellar. Of course the food, service, and atmosphere were over the top wonderful, as it is today. 

Fast forward four more years to 2012 for “An Elegant Night at Lago Del Pino.” Kim and Joey Braly helped “The Man” put a fun group together for a one-stop-shop great time of fellowship, fine dining, and downright fun in an unbelievable atmosphere. Owner, Donna Brooks, blew out all the stops serving the finest of her unique bar selections, a sampling of her fine dining gastronomical delights and live music for dancing. The beautiful location overlooking a forty-acre lake from a magnificent facility, made the party one to remember. 

Now, as we round the bend to 2016 and the New Dakotas by Linda Rudd, Steve Hellmuth, and Linda’s beautiful daughter, Lana, ensured a full scale intimate dinner for our group of eight. The shock and awe of the stately interiors begins upon entry and continues throughout. Dakotas has one of the more beautiful bars in East Texas and is, even to this day, a packed and fun party most any night. The food, drinks, and service are of the finest anywhere. 

It has been a great ride being this "Man About Town.” The pleasure has been mine. The greatest joy has been the readers who seem to follow us from place to place and are so kind to remember we are out and about. 

So, Happy New Year to You and Yours. And of course, look for us in 2018, we’ll be about town.


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