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WHAT HAPPENED?  Is it really 2014?  The answer to that question is yes!  I am a personal believer in change and love watching those around me prosper and take leaps of faith to move forward in life.  We as a company have decided that 2014 is the year for us to bring you the stories of those very people and organizations living life right here in East Texas.  Now, don’t get me wrong, it will take more than 12 issues, to tell them all, because there are just too many amazing people doing extraordinary things for us to tell all of their stories, but our goal is to do our best to tell as many as we can.  

When thinking about the direction we would like to take this year, we decided that our January issue would be the ideal time to tell you about a story we have been watching come together for over a year now.  Three guys, three different career paths, one shared passion.  What brought Stephen Lee, Ryan Dixon and Dan Griffith to this place in their young lives? BEER. All of these young entrepreneurs share a common passion that was realized while at bible study.  They all have a common desire to bring people from all different walks of life together.  They had faith that God would provide a way for them to do this.  After all, they are from different walks of life and God brought them together.  They thought about the one thing in life that no matter who you are or where life has taken you, it is a common factor for most.  That’s when they decided to start Tyler’s first Brewery.  They got the support of their wives and families and came up with a business plan.  The goal was not simply to create beer, but to use the creation of the beer to serve those in the community.  

Read this month’s cover story (pg. 14) to learn more about True Vine Brewery.  Learn where they got their name and what these guys are really all about.  You will want to support this new endeavour and drink some Rose City Pale Ale, I guarantee.  We would love to hear more about the people, businesses and organizations in your life that are making a difference in the East Texas community, so please drop us a line so we can share their stories with our readers too!


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