Awesome Inventions…But Are They Worth It?


Dog Mug:

A dog eats and drinks as much as a human does, so it’s about time someone out there thought up dog products that make a dog’s (well at least the owner’s) life a bit easier.


The first invention introduction is the Auto Dog Mug by Highwave. Just as we would need water on road trips or long walks in this heat, so do our dogs. The dog mug is perfect for when you don’t especially want baggage. Why carry a water bottle and bowl separately, when you can have both in one! We give this dog mug a thumbs up because it is not only portable, and dogs love it. 


Available on Amazon.



Not too long ago, I was called into the kitchen to guess on if the eggs were boiled long enough. “I have no idea,” I responded. I guessed right, but I could have been wrong!


On display is this Egg-Perfect Eggtimer, and it works people! Not only does it tell you that your eggs are boiled, but you can specify the texture you want. We give the Eggtimer two thumbs up because it’s tiny and fits right into a pot with as many eggs as would possibly be needed.


Available at Williams-Sonoma.


Love Pillowcases:

Pillowcases are an invention? Why yes of course, if they are creatively designed. 


This set up of stick figures in love pillowcases by Human Touch is the perfect home item to get your guests intrigued and interested. From a doctor hearing a girl’s heartbeat, to a boy calling a girl using paper cups, you can pretty much find any design to fit your relationship. We give the set of pillowcases a thumbs up because it truly melts our hearts.


Available on Amazon.



Bag Heat Sealer:

If you are anything like me, you are always struggling to keep track of your chip bag clips. I am most certain that I buy a set almost twice a year. 


When I was first told of this bag heat sealer by Evinis, I knew I had to try it out. This one little, almost stapler-looking, item could potentially save me money ... Not to mention, maybe it will keep my chips from going stale. Unfortunately, even after going through a few sets of batteries, the bag resealer did not work. Therefore, it gets two thumbs down.


Available on Amazon. 


Garlic Chop:

Long gone are the days when you’d have to chop up everything by hand. It is one of the most tedious things one has to do in the kitchen, and also the one task no one wants to do. 


Here is The Garlic Chop every kitchen needs. If you like your food tasty, you’re most likely using garlic in some of your recipes. The thing about fresh garlic though is that it needs to be chopped up, and we don't want to do that because it’ll make our hands smell. We give the garlic chopper a thumbs up because it not only saves us from the smell, but it  makes it faster to chop up or mince a garlic clove.


Available on Amazon.



When working with meat, you need the right kitchen tools. The right knife to cut it. The right spatula to stir it. And definitely the right masher to smash and mix it.


Next on display is the ChopStir. The pinwheel blades make it easy to not only chop and stir, but it is lighter to use for the hands. It also cuts the process time up. We give the ChopStir a thumbs up because it is effective. Also, you can use it on mashed potatoes!


Available on


Pocket Hose:

It’s not an invention unless it’s certified “As Seen On TV,” right?


We can admit to the Pocket Hose being a pretty nifty idea for a garden hose. It not only stretches longer than the average hose, but can be scrunched up for small
storage. After going through three in the last two years, it’s safe to say that we can’t guarantee this hose will last. We give the Pocket Hose a thumbs down for all the times it has gotten a hole in it.


Available at The Home Depot.


Never Soggy Bowl:

Soggy anything just plain sucks. In my opinion, it’s not appetizing, and you
immediately want to crunch on something else. Let’s face it, there’s no trick to stop the milk from oozing into your cereal.


But wait, you can try eating it from the Obol Never Soggy Bowl! This two
compartment bowl is perfect not only for cereal, but for cookies and milk, chips and dip and basically anything else that requires two food types. We give the Obol bowl two thumbs up for keeping two food types deliciously fresh. 


Available on Amazon.



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