Mamma Mia


We want you to think outside of the box for this Mother’s Day. Sure, moms enjoy flowers and chocolates, but they tend to be gifted the same items for many different occasions. 

This Mother’s Day, be bold and wrap less. Actually don’t wrap at all, and most importantly plan ahead! We’ve complied a list of ideas that will give you and your mom a chance to experience something together. The key word is together. Why not enjoy this Mother’s Day spending time with mom, creating memories that will last a lifetime!


1. Movie and Dessert

Ditch your date and take mom out for a movie and dessert. Released just in time, Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn play mother and daughter in the movie "Snatched." "Snatched" will be released on May 12, and it looks like it will have you both laughing till the end. Catch a showtime early and then head to mom’s choice of restaurant for a sweet treat. Dessert is much better over a nice mother-daughter conversation.

2. Spa Day 

Spa days are often enjoyed by many women, but there are some women who don’t get to go often, and sometimes at all. Our moms are always on-the-go. Whether it be work, or grocery shopping, they are always doing things that can easily go unnoticed. So why not let mom relax by gifting her something that will be beneficial to both of you. Take her to the spa, and together you can enjoy some R+R while having a catch up session.

3. Vineyard Tour and Lunch

There was a time when people thought that the only way they can go wine tasting was to go to Napa, in California, for a tour. #notanymore. You’d be surprised to find how many vineyards currently call East Texas their home. Not only can you taste the local wine, but you can enjoy some scrumptious lunch. Learn how to pair wine with food! The setting is a perfect spot to spend the afternoon with mom, while enjoying the summer sun.

4. Pottery or Painting

If you’re looking to have a fun girls night out, why not join the other mother-daughter duos for a painting or pottery class. There are many pottery and clay, and painting stores in East Texas to choose from. Some even allow wine! While you sip, use your artistic abilities and make art that will always remind you of "that one time with mom." You will also make some new friends!

5. Photography Session

Most moms won’t admit it, but they love to be photographed. When women know they are going to BSCENE in town, they dress up. Why? Because they want to look good in their photos! Your mom is sure to love a photography session, as a way to show the world that she is one hot mamma. The best part? You get to strut your stuff too. It may be awkward at first, having a photographer direct you to strike a pose. But 10, 20 or 30 years down the lane, the photos will be treasured evidence of the stories you tell.

6. Outdoor Activities

Whether your mom is adventurous or calm, going outdoors is a great way to spend some quality time with mom. It’s quiet, at least for us East Texans, the summer sun is out and the gentle breeze makes one feel instantly relaxed. Being the great outdoors, the list of places you two can go, and adventures you can take are endless. How about biking in your favorite park? If you’re feeling a bit more energized, play a game of tennis. Don’t worry if you choose to play tennis but don't really know how, because it can always be a good learning experience and the time shared is what matters the most.

7. Cooking Class

This one's a bit tricky for East Texans. There aren't many places that offer cooking classes, if any, in the area. To twist up the idea, how about having your very own cooking class at home. This can be anything from picking a new, random recipe in a cook book, to watching a chef on TV and mimicking their every move. Either route, make sure to choose something new so that you and mom are learning something together. To top it off, have the dinner with your family, unless the recipe doesn't quite turn out how you expected. Moms love it when the family gets together over a good meal and conversations.

8. Staycation

If you really want to spend time with your mom, as in an entire day, why not combine one of the ideas from this list with a stay at a nice hotel in town. Moms deserve a little getaway, and Mother's Day is the perfect excuse. Book a room at a local hotel and order in, enjoy the hotel pool, rent a movie ... the opportunities are endless. You two can even pretend the hotel is in some exotic location in Europe. Just don't open the curtains. It will remind you that you didn't go far.


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