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In the movie released a few years back, Cinderella’s mother is a beautiful woman with the heart and wisdom that makes her the heroine we can all admire and aspire to become. She once tells her young Cinderella, “When there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is magic.” Such sweet words every girl longs to hear…that there is magic in this world! Maybe not the kind of magic conjured up in the realms created by Walt Disney; but the magic that exists when we open our hearts to others and share kindness among one another. Lauren Bright, a junior in high school in Tyler, is doing this very thing. She is sharing her dreams and her kind heart with others and bringing magic into the lives of many young ladies. The high school girls she is helping might even call her their Fairy God Mother! 

Lauren is the founder of Lauren’s Kloset, a program offering high school girls the chance to experience their very own ball (also known as ‘prom’ in our non-Disney reality) in true Cinderella fashion. Lauren shares how the idea came to her: “After attending prom last year, I posted pictures on my social media. Soon after, I had girls sending me messages about wanting to know if I would sell my dress.  There was one particular message I received from a girl that lived out of state that just hit home with me.  She told me that she wanted to be able to go to her senior prom but couldn’t afford an expensive dress and wanted to know how much it would cost her to buy mine.  She was really sweet and told me she didn’t have a lot of money.” This post, from a girl she didn’t even know, lit a sparkle in Lauren's heart and she opened her closet. Lauren saw that her closet held dresses and accessories she had worn just once and another girl could experience the magical experience of prom in these practically new dresses.  “I realized that most girls would probably only wear their prom or homecoming dresses one time and I just thought If I could get girls to donate one of their dresses or shoes or any accessories  to help someone who may not be able to afford it, then this just might work out!” Prom is a fairy tale experience most girls begin dreaming about at a young age. We want to feel beautiful and be the belle of the ball just like Cinderella! Here in the real world, however, fairy godmothers do not appear at the last minute to deliver your ball gown and glass slippers. “I feel like a lot of girls have gone through tough times of maybe not feeling their best, or maybe someone was bullied in school; made fun of or they could be having trouble at home. Getting dressed up and getting your hair and makeup done; looking and feeling beautiful can really help a girls self- confidence and just make them feel really good about themselves.  Even if it’s just one night, I just want to help girls look and feel their best and to be able to look back on that memory," explains Lauren. 

On March 22, Lauren and a group of volunteers will become fairy godmothers to high school girls in East Texas. Inside a boathouse, with Lake Tyler as the enchanted backdrop, she has planned a shopping day where nominated young ladies can shop for the perfect dress and accessories for prom. The boathouse will be reminiscent of a “pretty store” as Lauren describes her vision. In true fairy godmother fashion, the girls will also experience the magic of having their hair and makeup done; just like Cinderella received with a little bibbity- bobbity- boo and the touch of a magic wand. Lauren wants the experience to be memorable in every way possible. She says, “It’s my goal to make the shopping day extra special for them.  We will have food and drinks for the girls while they are picking out and trying on their dresses, shoes and accessories! As Cinderella’s fairy godmother sang: “Put them together and what have you got? Bibbity- bobbity- boo!”

From now until March 1st, Lauren and others are donating new and gently worn dresses and shoes to benefit this special shopping day. Lauren states: “Also, we will be accepting gently used handbags and accessories. We would like for these to be dresses that are currently in style but do not have to be a specific brand.” Donations can be dropped off at 4605 Old Bullard Road in Tyler, or they will be happy to come pick up items from you, all you have to do is email and the volunteers with Lauren's Kloset will contact you to make arrangements for the pickup. 

Do you know a girl deserving of being treated like a princess? Nominations are being accepted now, simply visit to nominate a high school girl for this experience. When asked what the requirements are for the nominee, Lauren states: “The only criteria is that we would like for them to have a recommendation from a teacher, church, youth group or other organization.  All nominees and girls selected will remain anonymous.”  

As in many fairy tales, the young heroine must find the courage to follow her dreams. Lauren Bright has done this, and with the kindness of her heart, she is opening her closet for other young ladies to live out their dreams as well. “Have courage and be kind,” Cinderella’s mother said, and quite simply, this is where we will find the sweetest sort of magic in this world.


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