Reindeer Games


Santa Limbo

Everything You Need

- Limbo stick

- Santa belly for each player (pillow)

- Belt or elastic to hold Santa bellies in place

How to Play

This game takes a whole new meaning to “how low can you go”. To start this festive game, players must first add a Santa belly. Next, you will need two participants to hold the limbo stick. Line up the players and find a height to start everyone off at for the first round. As players advance to the next round, slightly lower the stick and have players limbo again. If a you touch the stick, you are out. This includes the belly! Continue to lower the stick each round until one player is left. This jolly player is the winner of Santa Limbo. 


The Penguin Waddle

Everything You Need
- Cones or markers of some sort

- Balloons
How to Play

For this Christmas game you will need to channel your inner penguin! To begin the game, the players need to separate into relay teams. For each team you will set up cones 15 to 25 feet apart. The first player starts off by putting a balloon between their knees and waddling down to the cone and back. When that team member returns, they must pass the balloon to the next “penguin” before they can go. The first team to have all four members complete the relay wins. But if any team members drop the balloon, they have to restart at the beginning. Happy Waddling!


Candy Cane Relay

Everything You Need

- Lots of candy canes

- Bowl

- Timer

How to Play

This fun and easy Christmas game involves the tastiest part of Christmas, candy canes! Players have one minute to place a candy cane in their mouths and hook as many candy canes as possible from an individual bowl. The twist is that players must use their mouths to hold the main candy cane. Take turns attempting to hook the most candy canes within the allotted time. The players who collects the most candy canes before time’s up wins the game! 


Oh Christmas Tree

Everything You Need

- Garland

- Tinsel

- Lights

- Wrapping paper

- Tree topper

- Plush ornaments
How to Play

Have you ever wanted to know what your family would look like as a Christmas tree? Well this Christmas game gives you the chance. This game calls for at least three members to represent your Christmas tree. Your team will gather around each tree representative and try out their decorating skills with different decorations of your choosing… the more tinsel the better. If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, give each participant a large piece of green fabric to wear over their clothes before you start to decorate. The winner of the best “Human Christmas Tree” will be decided by the elders at the party, or you can switch it up and let the kids choose the winner. 


Gift Wrap-Up

Everything You Need

- Gift wrap

- Scissors

- Tape

- Something to tie players' hands together
- Optional: Ribbon

How to Play

I hope you have practiced your gift wrapping skills, because this game not only requires teamwork; it also puts your skills to the test. Before you start the game, have teams pair up and then tie one person’s right hand to their teammate’s left hand. Then, each team will attempt to wrap a gift. If you would like to increase the difficulty, you can always add a ribbon to make a bow. In order to win the game you must work together as a team and wrap the present the fastest. Remember, it is not how pretty the present is; but how fast the present was wrapped.


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