Man About Town at Bruno's on Vine

Man About Town

Thirty-nine years ago, J.W. and Josephine Rumbelow created what was to become a Tyler tradition.  In the Brick Steet/Azalea area, where a 10 cent hamburger joint had been, the “Original Bruno’s” got its start.  This cozy neighborhood favorite is still family owned and operated and has won BSCENE’s Readers Choice Best Pizza yet again, for  2014.

There is something special about being the original.  If the walls of the Vine Street Bruno’s could talk, several generations of good family memories would be revealed.  Paul and Kay Latta have been coming to this place since they were teens and have entertained their children on Bruno’s take out.  Mitch Andrews and Jerry Woolverton have very fond childhood and teenage memories of this celebrated, family, Italian haven.  Yes sir, in the eyes of history, the original is the benchmark.

So, what makes the Vine Street location so unique?  My, my, the reasons are legend.  Owners Jay Rumbelow and Lori Rumbelow raised their children here as is attested by multiple photos of family and friends that line the walls.  Families love it because the Rumbelow family makes it that way.  It’s a casual place where children, teens, sports fans, seniors and everyone is welcomed and feels at home … in the neighborhood.  But there’s more.  The cook has been on site for 25 years.  Most of the staff are 20 years veterans and others have 10 years of service under their belt.  There is great corporate memory and understanding of the special “Original Bruno’s” belief system.

The kitchen is “clean as a whistle” and compact.  Everything has a place and is always in its place.  The storage, both dry and cold, are neat as a pin.  Every workstation is occupied by an “always on task” happy faced person who wants every customer to be happy, too.  The “Man” had as much fun touring the kitchen and engaging the staff as with party and our guest.  Lori sees to it that wherever you live, you feel like you’re part of the Bruno’s neighborhood with every visit.

Impressed yet?  Wait till ya hear about the food.  The veggies are all farm fresh and the hamburger and sausage are of the best fresh grade.  There are no processed or packaged foods.  The cheeses are freshly    grated and the meatballs, lasagna, sausages, rolls and pizza dough are homemade daily.     

Got a special event or party?  Well, Bruno’s can accommodate up to 55 folks or bring in your small groups for a causal party or to watch your favorite game on the TVs that surround the dining room.  Want wine, beer or cocktails?  It’s BYOB.  You bring the stuff and the staff will serve the sets ups.  (That’s just what we did for our party and it worked superbly.) Special thanks to Kiepersol Estates Winery for providing us with perfectly, paired vino!

Our party was a celebration for a group of TJC Alumns who help make our annual Azalea Orthopedic Scholarship Golf Tournament happen.  They raised over $75,000 for student scholarships this year!  So, Mitch Andrews, TJC Executive Director of Advancement and Alumni Engagement, was the Man’s “partner in crime” for the occasion and helped plan the party for ‘em.  Let me tell ya, Lori and her “top shelf” staff served us up a tasting of all the favorites including, chicken alfredo pasta, lasagna, meatball sandwiches (oh my, so good) and supreme pizzas.  There was so much food that we had to haul it home. 

Well, it was one hoot of a party and the TJC Alumns relished in old stories of their times at the college and delightful memories growing up on the “Original Bruno’s” fine food and neighborhood experiences.

At the end of the night, a good time was had by all and we departed.  Well almost, the “Man” and his buddies, Jerry and Kelley Woolverton, stopped off for a “night cap” at one of our favorite spots before calling it a night.

So, if you’re out and about, look for us, we’ll be about town. 


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