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Goin’ to the movies ain’t what it used to be. No sir-ree! The worm has turned, and just going to see the latest movie has become a first class experience. Studio Movie Grill (SMG) not only kicked it up a notch but has knocked it plum out of the park! And guess what? The movie theater experience of the future is here and now in East Texas, thanks to the new Village at Cumberland Park at South Broadway and Loop 49.

But hold that thought.

The “Man” wanted to do something special for his “adopted niece” Kate Bailey’s 28th birthday, especially since her dad, Blake Bailey, the “Man’s” “blood brother” and friend, is recovering from surgery and was not available to party. So, Kate and I conspired to gather up a few of her good friends to do something unusual and fun for a superb experience.

Well, we did just that at new Studio Movie Grill in Tyler. Scott Sinclair, General Manager, went the extra mile to ensure a perfect experience for us (but he and his committed staff will do the same for you ‘cause that’s what they do). Our party started in the lobby bar area for snacks and drinks. Scott greeted our group, seated us in a cozy booth-like setting and allowed our birthday girl to select six scrumptious appetizers from the beautiful and well laid out menu. Kim, our bartender for the night, kept the drinks a flowin’ before the movie. The lounge is large and has a contemporary look, with six TVs, and the bar is extensively inventoried with a full range of beers, wines and spirits. Whatever your taste, you’ll be pleased. The wine list is progressive from light to dry and in prices for ordering convenience. Not to mention, there are discounted specials every day!

After forty-five minutes of food, fun and fellowship, Alexandra (Alex), our own personal wait staff, ushered us into our private theatre (one of 12) to order entrees and drinks and view the movie. Listen, the theater was equipped with large plush recliner-like seats with lots of legroom between rows. Alex had plenty of room to unobtrusively tend to our every need. Each seat has a movable table top with a “red button” to push for almost immediate service. The huge screen and sound systems make ya feel like you’re part of the movie itself. They even have seats for two along the walls and a “love seat” in the middle of one open aisle that shares a table for that very special occasion.

Be prepared for a unique dining experience with excellent food professionally prepared fresh from scratch and beautifully plated in SMG’s huge state of the art kitchen. It is tasty, very affordable and so easy to enjoy in this pampered setting of service with a smile. There are sixty different premium spirits, signature cocktails, local wines and micro brews available in-theater anytime at the touch of a button.Ticketing is so easy. Go online at to choose your movie,  time, and the seat you want and print your ticket. Of course, you may purchase at the theater, too. Either way it’s so easy!

There is something for everyone. SMG is family friendly, equipped and delighted to serve special needs children with family and friends in private parties. You may reserve a theater for a business meeting or training session for seventy-eight to two hundred plus folks. They provide the food for breaks and meals, and your PowerPoints may be displayed on the huge movie screen for perfect viewing. Not in the mood for a movie? Come for a relaxing drink in the lounge after work or  enjoy a nice dinner with family or friends. No movie required.

The time flew for our group. After being treated like royalty, enjoying great food and drinks, and an action packed movie, we repaired to the lounge bar for a night cap. Kim was waiting for us with a friendly smile and after dinner drinks. It was a perfect night and a super birthday party for “my Kate” and our friends.

How much fun did we have? Well, we arrived at 6:15ish and left at 11:30ish. Does that tell ya anything? While it was a total hoot of an experience, it was really time to go home … and come back another night.

So, if you’re out and about, look for us, we’ll be about town.


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