Publisher Letter

Publisher's Letter

I have a confession: I am a Southern girl and I do not own a pair of cowgirl boots. True story! But this is all about to change thanks to our cover girl, Michelle Manningham, and her new line of Texi Boots. What girl can resist a full grain leather, snip-toed boot lined in hot pink and finished with matching pink soles? Here at BSCENE, we love a great home-grown story and Michelle certainly has an adventure to share. Not only are her boots super cowgirl-chic, Michelle wants to create a community of women who are brave enough to take the bull by the horns and find the courage to follow their dreams. Be on the look-out as these pink soled beauties hit the pavement in mid-September. If you see me breaking in my new Texi Boots this fall, be prepared to catch a Texas-sized case of boot envy!

Just as Michelleís journey is brimmed with inspiration, another story caught our eye this summer. By now, most of East Texas has heard of Tyler Texas Rocks. Better yet, I am sure most of you have collected rocks and painted them for a game of hide and seek. No matter how many times I hear of this rock revolution taking our community by storm, I never tire of the hope, excitement, and compassion found on the Tyler Texas Rocks Facebook page. Every day, a new story of neighborly love and kindness pops up on the newsfeed. It makes me proud to be a part of a community that shares and offers positive encouragement in a world that seems to be clouded with negativity. The staff here at BSCENE has even gotten our hands covered in paint as we have decorated our own rocks for hiding. You can seek out some clues on our Facebook page starting on September 15th with new clues coming each day until that final rock is found!  I hope you are one of the lucky finders who will receive a special surprise.

Following in our theme of goodwill, you will want to read about Nora Schreiber and her non-profit organization ìThe Worthy Onesî. She began by passing out cold water at local bus stops and this has evolved into a community wide kindness project she hopes to go global.  

As our kids head back to school and their summer break officially enters the history books, we decided it was a great time to bring up two topics that are sometimes difficult to talk about.  We gathered useful information on a couple of unfortunate subjects becoming all too familiar in our community: cyber bullying and sex trafficking. We have compiled the facts and what you need to know to keep your children safe.  

Being from the South, I have officially lived half of my life in Louisiana and the other half in Texas. I love both states dearly and my heart goes out to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. However, it makes me so proud to be a southern girl and get to witness the good samaritans from both of my beloved states come together to rescue, love, and support one another. Let us all keep our family and neighbors in our prayers as we come together to bring relief from this catastrophe of biblical proportions. 

Kelly Laine Haney


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