Publisher's Letter

Publisher's Letter

Reality TV often shows an unflattering side of people, from “Jersey Shore” to “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” to “Teen Mom 2.” These are a far cry from family-friendly shows, so I usually steer Aiden and Aniston away from reality TV. However, “Duck Dynasty” reveals a different side of reality TV: the Robertsons stick to their roots regarding faith and family. This is a show the whole family can watch, and it's entertaining, too!  

On Sept.15, two of the stars of “Duck Dynasty” will be at the Oil Palace in Tyler as part of East Texas Christian Academy's 35th anniversary event. ETCA and “Duck Dynasty” have more in common than you would think, as both are centered on faith and family. Similar to many East Texans, the Robertsons end each workday with a family meal and prayer. Now that's something I love to see on a reality TV show! 

Willie Robertson made his name as CEO of Duck Commander. The company, based in West Monroe, Louisiana, produced a best-selling duck call and other duck hunting merchandise. Willie's father, Phil, founded Duck Commander and kept it in the family. The Robertsons are worth millions, but you would never guess it from their camouflage attire and gritty beards, or from their humble attitudes. 

In each episode of “Duck Dynasty,” the guys get in some type of mischief until dinnertime. There's certainly some hilarious moments on the show, whether it's advice from Willie's mother, Miss Kay, or from his dad, Phil. Then the family comes together to end the day, and episode, with prayer. And that's why I'm excited to welcome the Robertsons to East Texas! My beard may not be as long as theirs, but everyone can learn something from this faith-centered family. 

It's refreshing to see celebrities who remember their roots. Every other day, you hear about stars who get lost in dangerous lifestyles. On most reality shows, people will throw down and fight quicker than I've ever seen. As a father, it saddens me to think that these so-called “stars” are considered the role models of today. Sure, it's hard to take the Robertsons seriously sometimes with their do-rags and long hair, but there's something to be said about the example they're setting for viewers. 

“Duck Dynasty” reminds me of an important lesson: you have to make time for family. This is difficult, especially in August when kids head back to school and schedules fill up, but August is the perfect time to make this a priority. It's important to remember to make time for a family meal once in a while; listen to your grandparents' stories; and appreciate quality time together as a family. If the Robertsons can do it with their family business and endless adventures, then we can all do it too. 

There's another lesson in this show: that's to have fun as a family. No one does this quite like the Robertsons do, especially "crazy" uncle Si! I'm not saying you have to go to the extreme like they do or make the type of scene they (mostly uncle Si) do on the show. Just put work aside for a while and have some fun as a family. We should always make time to have some fun together, even if that's just telling stories from the day over family dinner. Or for a good laugh, try watching “Duck Dynasty” as a family! This show is not only entertaining, it serves as a reminder to keep your family values. 

In addition to these reality stars coming to Tyler, there's a ton of exciting events coming up for East Texas. Be sure to check back with us for more great events and activities – all year long. We have even more content, calendars and information online at BSCENEMAG.COM, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and our new Pinterest page. Bring it all together with BSCENE's app, available for all smartphones. Go have some fun together as a family, then share your photos and experiences with us. We'd love to hear about them. You never know where your adventures may BSCENE!


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