Publisher's Letter January 2015

Publisher's Letter

As the New Year is finally upon us, I canít help but feel excited about all the potential that 2015 has to offer. BSCENE is celebrating its 15th year of publication and fourth as a monthly magazine. My family is happy and healthy and even my beloved Dallas Cowboys are in the playoffs. Yes, I suppose there is a lot to be grateful for as we collectively kickoff 2015. But, it is not always so easy to see the wonderful things that are  right in front of us, like the old adage goes ìSometimes itís hard to see the forest for the trees.î The coming year forces us all to take a step back and examine where our lives have been and where they are going.

Over the holidays, I, like most parents, ran up and down the store aisles hunting for that specific gift my children were hoping for this Christmas. Kids today have a plethora of toys and gadgets that would make my childhood self, turn green with envy. I honestly think none of us truly realize how lucky we are. And, sometimes it takes a story that comes to us to remind me of this fact.  

This month, our cover features photographer Matthew Hogan. Some of you may already know him as he has been a staple in the world of East Texas photography for some time now. But, his photos have been captured and seen well beyond our little corner of the Lone Star State. His latest journey has taken him further away from home than ever before and was a staunch reminder of just how fortunate my family and I are. See, Matthew (or Matt as most of us know him) just returned from Uganda, Africa. He came back with such an amazing array of photographs I could barely hold my excitement or desire to share them with our readers.  But, it was not just the quality, the lighting or technical know-how it took to generate these pictures, but the subject themselves that moved me so. Capturing the beauty of the souls that live in such immense poverty is worth a thousand words.  Read Hogan's story about his journey to Africa and why his heart and passion have forever changed. 

Wishing you and your families a blessed and prosperous 2015! 


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