Publisher's Letter July 2014

Publisher's Letter

Not unlike a bear, I tend to hibernate throughout the winter months. I stay inside my cave just waiting for the frosted East Texas landscape to melt back into green. However, by the time I am running rampant with spring fever, crisp March days have slipped into the scorched earth that is Texas summer.  You don't have to just beat the heat in Texas; you have to crack it over the head with a shovel and bury it in your backyard. Summer in the south can be relentless. 

A few years back, East Texans experienced the hottest weather in our history. We had so many consecutive 100 degree (or more) days that we set a record. The simple act of running to the store became a journey wrought with ridiculous heat. If you had to drive your car, it was like steering with a frying pan. I guess you could say it
was HOT!

However, if there is one thing Texans know, it's how to cope with that familiar, summer sun. We have become very adept at keeping our fans and ACs running at peak efficiency. Iced tea is always on hand; kids sprint through sprinklers in the front yard and the public pools are always packed. In Texas, we have learned how to keep cool and have fun doing it. 

Last year, we had such a great response to our July issue! We couldn't help but bring our readers even more of the exciting adventures there are in and around East Texas. Whether your idea of cooling off is lounging by the pool, getting mud-splashed by rumbling four-wheelers or leaping from the side-door of a Cessna, BSCENE has packed this issue with more summer fun than you can shake a stick at. 

Inside these pages is a map, a tour-guide if you will, featuring everything from smart phone APPs to help you maximize your camping experience, tips and tricks on fishing the many lakes East Texas has to offer, to where you can go if you are looking to take the ultimate plunge. I'm not talking about marriage here folks. 

Personally, one of my favorite summer activities is anything that combines the lake and horsepower. Nothing beats gliding across the water; whether it's on a boat,  wakeboard or (if you are lucky enough) personal watercraft! Just thinking about it makes me want to strap on a life preserver and take another stab at barefoot skiing!  

Flip to page 12, dive in and fend off those summer flames. We've got the adventure bug and the only way to cure it is a big, fat dose of fun! 


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