Publisher's Letter May 2014

Publisher's Letter

As I grow older, I often wonder what kind of legacy I will leave behind. Will I even leave one? If I do, will it be one that will make my children proud?

Each new year seems to come and go so quickly, as if time is in a permanent state of fast-forward. Was I in such a hurry all the time that I missed out on life? I know I have a story to tell; I mean everyone does, but what will it say about the life I have lived?

I assume most people, at sometime or another, ponder on the thought that they want to live a life remembered. Now I am not talking about being remembered for pulling off the biggest "Ponzi scheme" of all time, ha, but rather for a life lived with purpose. In order to leave a legacy, one must be determined on the path they have chosen. For example, have accomplishments they want to achieve, goals they want to meet and differences they want to make. With that determination, sure, time will pass by, but you'll focus on what is most important to you. 

Leaving a legacy allows one the ability to say, "I existed with a purpose. My life meant something to me or someone else, and that makes my life, a life, successfully lived." In this issue of BSCENE, we are going to tell the "story" of a fella; his trials, tribulations and triumphs. If you do not know who Franklin Roosevelt Perkins is, man, you are missing out; for he is leaving quite a legacy. 

An East Texan with a dream, Perkins spent his entire life working hard to achieve the vision he saw for himself. He knew he would become a cowboy someday, but that it would take time, endurance and lots of hard work. The experiences he lived (whether good or bad) contributed to the path he (hopefully) followed, all leading up to Perkins becoming Mr. Poco Bueno, a true American Cowboy. Mr. Poco Bueno, you ask? Read Perkins' story (pg. 12) to find out what that is all about! It will truly inspire you to leave a legacy of your own. As for myself, it ignited a fire, within, to accomplish those things that I have yet to achieve.


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