Bounti-Fall Winter Boots


Boot season has finally arrived!

With the cold snap here, it’s time to break out some serious fashion-forward faves. No longer do I have to day dream about sitting under the Friday night lights wrapped up in my carefully-planned-cozy-chic outfit sipping a steaming cup of cocoa and marshmallows. During these cold-weather months, my time under the Friday night lights means I'll be found in a pair of must-wear, must-have, must-get, style staples: boots and booties of all heights, styles, and heel types—I don't discriminate!

As we've seen in previous seasons, boots are BSCENE-stealers again, this year, especially because fashion houses seem to be showcasing a bit bolder and more playful designs. Open up any style magazine right now or scroll through Instagram posts and you'll probably see some hits that are offering fashionistas some major street cred including boots and booties in bright reds and bold whites. Yes. You read that right. White doesn't have to stay in your closet after Labor Day anymore! I recently found the perfect pair of red suede booties to be on trend through these East Texas streets. But, don’t feel like what’s already in your closet won’t work to keep up with today’s trends. I went through my own closet and found styles that can stand up with today's trends and remain completely relevant this season—ones in which, you can try incorporating in your own fall and winter wardrobes, too!

OTK Boot. 

The acronym is basically a staple word, now! The over-the-knee boot has been around for years and isn't going away in 2017. I own several pairs, but my favorite encompasses a bit of "girly" appeal, tied up with a bow that sits directly behind the knee. I love these because they can easily add just a touch of flirtatious fancy, with not-too-high of a high heel. I frequently style mine with a sweater dress or mini-skirt for a night out on the town. The OTK obsession doesn't end there, though. As a girl growing up in the '90s, during the height of the "grunge" music era and fashion movement, many teens rocked a rebel look with "combat" boots. Fast forward twenty-five years and this punk rock look is back. What better way to relive those days, than with a pair that revisits the time when Dr. Martens ruled the streets, like these, but with more of a, "today," feel since they are also OTKs. This redux look is pulled off with a comfy sweatshirt dress also reminiscent of days gone by. Another OTK favorite are these country babes I found at Cavender's! Who knew western wear could be so city-slick?! These are simply the perfect pair of boots to help this Detroit girl step into a bit of East-Texas-country-comfort. They are the ultimate kickers for tromping around at some of the best festivals in our region and outdoor music events. Pair with an edgy or traditional denim jacket and you’re good to go.


Other statement-making trends this season include various metallics and textured fabrics. While I love the aesthetic, pulling off metallics for a daytime look can be a little tricky. The fix: I found these flat booties that have just a touch of the metallic look, which is then made even more subtle with their washed out finish. Wear these to a football game with your favorite skinny jeans and pair with an off-the-shoulder knit sweater to add some playful, slouchy-casual appeal.

'70's Throwbacks.

Speaking of slouchy...that '70s vibe is back in style! The ruched look is all over storefronts. While I can’t purchase every new style, I shopped my own closet and found a pair that make a similar statement and have a similar appeal ... with a bow to boot! These hit above the ankle, so skinny jeans or leggings tuck in nicely. But, they’re also great with a pencil skirt styled with a leather jacket in the same hue as the boots. 

The Basics.

Every girl needs a pair of black, dark brown or beige basic booties...Neutral is key to make pairing with outfits easier. Flat-heeled, high-heeled, mid-heeled, block-heeled doesn't matter. Just go get yourself a pair because they go with, pretty much, EVERYTHING! My go-to's are warn regularly with jeans, a T-shirt and an edgy jacket. Bottom line. It's all about the boots!

Be a BSCENE-Stealer: 

I've shared favorite boots from my personal wardrobe...Now share yours! Let BSCENE readers know what your favorite boots are by posting a picture of you in your boots to social media sites. Tag us @bscenemag and use the hashtags: #bsceneOOTD as well as the hashtag(s) of where you purchased your favorite boots and/or entire ensemble.  Your picture just might make it into the next issue of BSCENE Magazine!


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