Get Some "WOWS" For Those Brows


Get Some "WOWS" For Those BROWS with Josh Tankersley


When I was a teenager, my mom used to tell me never to start plucking my eyebrows because “once you start, you won’t be able to stop.” But then the 90s came and the trend was thin brows with nude matte lips. I wanted to rock the look, and before I knew it, the wax strips were gently applied to my naturally-thick-peeper-frames in one second . . . and ripped off the next! Twenty years later, the upkeep from that waxing means my Tweezerman never leaves my side.

To help us figure out the best way to maintain your brows, not just for today, but for years to come, I sought out answers from licensed esthetician Josh Tankersley, who is locally known as “The Brow Guy.”

What is the most common problem you address when a client comes in for some brow help? The most common problem I address is that a client feels he or she doesn’t even have any brows or that they feel you can't see them. Quality brow tint, done correctly, fixes this problem in less than five minutes. 

What’s the number one “no-no” in brow shaping? My number one "no-no" is to attempt to do your own brows, because usually my clients will have no success. Doing your own brows is unseemly to me ... kind of like doing your own highlights. You just don't do it.  

What if it’s too late and plucking is already part of your regular brow routine. What brand of tweezers do you recommend to help get the job done? The best readily available tweezers are made by Tweezerman. I prefer one with a pointed tip. 

Is there a brow shape that works on everyone or that everyone should try? There is no one brow shape that works for everyone or that they should try. My goal is to alter or completely change a person’s facial expression making a clean coherent shape. 

Is there a brow shape that everyone should avoid? The brow shape people should all avoid is the brow that looks like a comma. It's super thick in the middle and pencil thin on the end. This shape is a distraction. Brows should blend well and go with the face, not dominate the face. 

What are the best products to use on your brows for shaping? I almost 100% use Anastasia Beverly Hills products. I use her stencils and her products for mapping a brow. She has good powders, pomades, and tinted brow gels. 

What are the best brow tools of the trade that every “IT” girl or guy, should have in their cosmetic arsenal? I think drawing brows directly on the skin with powders or pencils is not for everyone, however, I'm very partial to Anastasia's tinted quick drying brow gel. I feel most girls love how quick it is and how it doesn't touch the skin, but rather coats the brow while holding the hairs nicely in place.

What should every guy or gal know about brow maintenance and shaping? Everyone needs to know that “Brow Awareness” has arrived. We are now more than ever aware that a good brow shaping, done well, is a game changer. 


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